3e - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Read the story and answer the questions.

1. Where did the story take place?
2. Who were the main characters?
3. What was the climax event?
4. How did the characters feel at the end of the story?


2. Choose a suitable title for the story.

a) A Walk in the Woods.
b) The Hidden Teasure.
c) The Fall.

3. Read the story again. In which paragraph(s) does the writer:

1. end the story? 4th paragraph

2. develop the story? 2nd paragraph, 3rd paragraph

3. set the scence? 1st paragraph

4. describe the climax event? 3rd paragraph

4. Use the linkers to jin the sentences.

5. Look at the picture and use the words/phrases, as well as your own ideas, to set the scene for a story.

It was a warm but cloudy Saturday afternoon and John was sitting at home, looking for something exciting to do. The answer came when his friend James called and told him about a fair that had just come tot town, and which promised a ride on the biggest roller coaster in the world!

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