3g - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Read the text and mark the statements below it as T (True), F (False) or Ns (Not stated).

1. Pop artist were interested in people's everyday experiences - T

2. Pop art was only in America - F

3. All Pop artists used images of productsin their works - F

4. Paolozzi was only famous in Britain - Ns

5. Marilyn Monroe was a Pop artist who painted celebrities - F

6. Pop Art hasn't been very popular with some people - T

7. Some Pop artists never sold their works - Ns

2. Find words in the text that  mean the opposite of the words below.

1. not interested - fascinated
2. imaginary - realistic
3. unknown - famous
4. dark - bright
5. different - similar
6. exciting - dull

3. Complete the sentences using the words in bold in the text.

1. Kate has decorated her flat with fashionable works of art.
2. Many Hollywood celebreties attended the opening of the artist's exhibition.
3. The magician only needed an ordinary pack of cards for his amazing trick.
4. Monet painted beautiful images of the countryside.
5. His collection of works by Picasso and Dali is worth millions.

4. Answer the questions.

1. What type of images did Pop artists find fascinating?

Pop artists found realisticn images from everyday life fascinating, like images of products from supermarkets.

2. How did some people in the art world feel about Pop Art?

Some people in the art world felt that Pop Art was not real art. As they were images of ordinary, everyday products.

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