4c - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Underline the correct verb form.

1. A: The computer's crashed again. I will call someone to come and fix it.
B: Don't worry. I've already called him; he will be coming in a few minutes.

2. A: The printer isn't printing very well. We are going to run out of ink.
B: Since will are going to the shops tomorrow, can you buy some more ink?

3. A: There's great film on at the cinema. It starts at 9:00, do you want to go?
B: It's not worth it. By the time we gwt there it will have started.

4. A: Do you think John will lend me his laptop for a few days.
B: I don't know, but he is going to be here soon. Why don't you ask him?

5. A: Can I have an iPod, mum? Please? I promise I'm won't ask you to by me any more gadgets!
B: OK, I'll get you the iPod, but you have to keep the promise you've just made!

2. Expand the sentences and include the words in brackets, as in the example.


3. Choose the correct item.

1. Save your files in case something goes wrong with your computer.
2. I need a scanner so that I can transfer these photos to my PC.
3. The IT teacher drew a diagram to illustrate how a network works.
4. Wendy went online so as to find some information about her shool project.
5. Mary wants a laptop so as not to use her brother's computer anymore.

4. Fill in so or such.

Don't get m wrong. I find all this new technology so fascinating. I can't imagine what it was like before people had access to such convenient and sophisticated gadgets. However, there us such an amazing variety of things out there. Some of them are so complicated, or have such confusing insrtuctions that I feel completely helpless! But they make my life so much easier that I don't  really mind.

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