4i - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Underline the correct verbtense.

1. This time next week will be enjoying ourselves at the Notting Hill Carnival.
2. The train to Bristol leaves at 5:00 pm from platform six.
3. I am going to the art exhibition tomorrow afternoon. Do you want to join me?
4. Don't worry, John will have fixed your computer by the end of the day.
5. Be careful! You are going to spill coffee on your keyboard!
6. You can't carry all these bags yourself. I'll take some of them of your hands.

2. Use an appropriate tense or form to express a future meaning and the phrases in brackets to complete the sentences that each person might actually say, as in the example.

2. Her friend says he is cold.
"I will close the window."

3. Tom is catching the plane to Madrid tonight.
"My plane leaves at 8:00 pm."

4. George has made plans to go to the theatre with Jenny tonight.
"Jenny and I are meeting/are going to meet outside the theatre."

5. Someone asks Mary about her plans for tomorrow evening.
"At this time tomorrow evening I will be watching my favourite TV show."

6. They are going to the theatre but they're worried about missing the start of the show.
"By the time we get there the show will have started."

7. Someone's asked me how long I have been working in this company.
"By next September, I will have been working here for two years."

3. Underline the appropriate time phrases and put the verbs into the correct tense.

1. I'd like to have a word with you before you leave.
2. George will have finished his chores by the time his parents come home.
3. I will send you the email as soon as the Internet starts working again.
4. Don't send out the invitations to the party until we know for sure that the band we've booked is coming.
5. Sam will buy/is going to buy a new mobile phone when he has saved enoughmoney.

4. Join the sentences using the words in brackets, as in the example.

5. Complete the second sentences so that it means same as the first. Use two to five words, including the word in bold.

1. Ivan's new computer game is so amazing (that) he can't wait to tell his friends about it.
2. I have such an old computer that it akes ages to come on.
3. Bill buys so many gadgets that he doen't have enough space for them.
4. John is so goot at fixing computers that his friends always ask for his help.
5. Mobile phones are such convenient devices that some people can't do without them.

6. Choose the correct item.

1. Don't call Jessica tomorrow morning; she will be having a tennis lesson.
2. Send me a copy of the photographs so that. I can show them to my friends.
3. James stopped playing his video game as soon as he heard his mum at the door.
4. I don't like my next-door neighbour; she's such a nosu woman!
5. Can we watch the parade when we go to the Carnical?
6. It's not worth going to the football pitch mow; the game will have started by the time we get there.

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