5g - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Which film (A-C)...

1. is rather long? C
2. will probably disappoint fans of the main charactr? B
3. includes historical elements? B
4. is a romantic tale? A
5. takes its plot from a book? A
6. will probably sell the most cinema tickets? B
7. is an animated film? A

2. Match the words/phrases in bold in the text to their definitions.

1. cheerful - light-hearted
2. length - runtime
3. enemies - opponents
4. difficult - challending
5. fans - enthusiasts
6. extremely interesting - fascinating
7. important - significant

3. Fill in the gaps using the highlighted words from the text.

1. Your idea to invite all of Nick's friends to the cinema for his birthday was very clever.
2. Heroes in films are usually likeable characters who do the right thing and set a good example.
3. The villain in the film is a horrible character who wants to take over the world.
4. How did the superhero manage to uncover the secret plans of the evil doctor?
5. They've temporarily stopped shooting the film, because some members of the cast have fallen ill with food poisoning.
6. Love stories are so fascinating; the good guy always gets the girl in the end!
7. James doesn't like watching cartoon films, because the thinks they're not significant enough.

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