5i - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Fill in the corret form of the adjective in brackets.

Rick: I can't see why this is the most expensive painting in the exhibition.

John: Really? I think it's the best painting in here. It's certainly much more interesting than some of the other works we've seen.

Rick: Maybe, but I like paintings which have a more original subject and are painted in brighter colours than this one. Take, Picasso's Guernica, for example. Now, that's a fascinating work of art!

John: Are you kidding? It's a painting abour war! It's one of the saddest paintings I've ever seen!

Rick: Perhaps you're right, but I think it makes a more lasting impression on people's minds.

John: Well, I suppose everyone has different tastes when it comes to art.

2. Fill in the correct form of the adjective/adverb in brackets.

3. Underline the correct item.

1. The portrait Henry's painted is a bit more accurate than Billy's.
2. After weeks of practicing, it's getting easier and easier to learn how to play a song on my guitar.
3. The opera was much more entertaining than I had expected.
4. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is certainly much more romantic than Othello.
5. The more famous an artist is, the higher price gis works fetch.

4. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

1. A: I was rather afraid when we went to that haunted castle.
B: Afraid? I was totally terrified!

2. A: Jason's new song is fairly boring, don't you think?
B: No, I find it absolutely perfect!

3. A: This puzzle is completely impossible to solve.
B: Keep trying. It's extremely difficult, but you'll manage it in the end.

4. A: I think you should use slightly darker colours in your painting.
B: You're absolutely right, I'll do it!

5. A: I'm rather tired, do you mind if we stay in tonight?
B: It's fine; I've just got back from work and I'm completely exhausted!

5. Underline the mistackes and correct them, as in the example.

1. What would you rather do, go to the cinema or stay in and watch a DVD?
2. I'd sooner read a book than see this boring film.
3. Alice prefers going to the theatre to seeing films at the cinema.
4. I would prefer not to watch a thriller tonight; I'd like to see a comedy.
5. Laura prefers concerts to listening to her favourite artists on CD.
6. The Waltons would prefer to see the play tonight rather than wait until next week.

6. Choose the correct answer.

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