6a - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Match the words in the two columns. Then use them it their correct form to complete the sentences.

1. We should all get involved with projects that will help improve our community.
2. Henry's grown up on a farm, so he knows very well what it's like to take care of animals.
3. When the doctor told her that her puppy was going to be fine, she burst into tears.
4. Instead of hanging out with your friends all the time, why don't you do something more useful?
5. I want to be a nurse, so volunteering at my local hospital was the natural choice for me.
6. When the kitten was found, it was very sick, but luckily it made a full recovery.

2. Underline the correct item.

1. We found the puppy abandoned on the side of a motorway.
2. Our teacher has asked us to donate any books or toys we don't need to the local children's hospital.
3. Do you think you could spare a couple of hours each week to take Mrs Doe's dog for a walk?
4. If a person cannot look after a pet properly, they should not be allowed to own one.
5. The local council is asking for volunteers to plant trees in the city square.
6. You can support charities like the Red Cross by volunteering or donating money.

3. Read the leaflet about community action and fill in the gaps with the following words.

4. Fill in: staff, foster, remove, answer, rescue, worthwhile, victims.

1. It took the fire fighter a lot of time to rescue the koala from the burning tree.
2. Helping people or animals in need is certainly a worthwhile cause.
3. After the animals recover, they are placed in foster homes where they're loved and looked after.
4. This charity aims at helping victims of the recent earthquake disaster.
5. It is against the law to remove endangered species from their natural habitats.
6. The staff members at the animal clinic are very helpful and willing to teach you how to look after your pet.
7. The local community centre is asking for a volunteer to answer phone calls and help in the organisation of various events.

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