6e - (ответы)

1. Read the email below and complete the paragraph plan.

2. Match the base adjectives in bold from the text with the appropriate strong adjective from the list below.

1. tiny - small
2. delicious - tasty
3. fascinating - interesting
4. huge - big

3. Put the following adjectives in the appropriate bos, as in the example.

absolutely very

4. Read the rubric and mark the statements below as O (opening remarks) or C (closing remarks).

1. I eanted to tell you about the amazing time my friends and I had last Saturday. - O
2. If you are free next Monday, would you like to join us? - C
3. Well, I'll see you at the entrance to the train station at 8 am if you are coming with us. - C
4. It's been a while since I last heard from you but I've been busy recently, too. - O
5. Let me know if you can come along for the day. - C
6. I couldn't wait to tell you of the wonderful time I had on my schol trip. - O