7g - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Fill in the gaps with the following words.

Nature facts

1. Some spiders, wasps, bees and snakes can produce venom
2. Wild animals are unpredictable so never, ever approach them.
3. Alligators are very good at lying motionless in water.
4. Baby wild animals may look cute and cuddly but remember the golden rule: look and don't touch! 
5. Leopards are nocturnal animals, so sightings  of them during the day are not common.
6. Unike humans, who produce two sets of teeth during their lives, reptiles like crocodiles and lizards replace their teeth continuously.
7. Swamps are wetlands full of animal and plant life.
8. Never pick a wild mushroom from a field to eat; many are poisonous.

2. Match the words in the two columns. Then use the phrases in their correct form to complete the sentences.

1. People who walk alone at night in dark areas are vulnerable targets for muggers.
2. I shouldn't have to tell you not to take a short cut through the park at night; use your common sense!
3. Wasp stings are more painful than those of bees, and can cause more problems.
4. I always have a terrible reaction to mosquito bites. They are very itchy!
5. Akthough the little animal tried to put up a fight, it had no chance against its bigger and stronger attacker.
6. Being overweight raises the risk of illness, in extreme cases.

3. a) Fill in: play, drag, scratch, warn.

b) Decide wat animal each person is talcking about from the list below.

A - alligator
B - rattlesnake
C - bear
D - raccoon

4. Underline the correct word.

1. Raccoons are very clever and can open things with their paws.
2. If you wear your bag across your body, rathet than over your shoulder, you make it harder for someone to snatch.
3. Self-defence classes teach you what to do if you find yourself in a threatening situation.
4. Tragically, the snake's bite was fatal and the young animal died.
5. We sat at an outdoor cafe, sipping our soffee and watching people going by.

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