8b - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Fill in: Hmm ... I don't know., I love extreme sports!, What do you think?, What happened?, Let me think about it., It was fantastic!, I'm not sure that's a good idea., I prefer safer sports.

2. Match the phrases in bold with the phrases in the list:

1. A: Do you think it's a good idea for me to start windsurfing lessons?
B: Yes, definitely.

2. A: You're looking under the weather.
B: Yeah, I think I may be getting a cold.

3. A: I think I will take photography classes.
B: Sure, go for it.

4. A: David had an accident as he was rafting.
B: Well, this sport is obviously dangerous, right?

5. A: I'm having trouble learning Spanish.
B: Don't worry, you'll get better. Stick to it.

3. Chose the correct response.

1. A: want to try rafting with me?
B: I don't know.

2. A: I'm thinking of trying a new sport.
B: Go for it!

3. A: Did something happen to your arm?
B: Yes, it really hurts.

4. A: Do you think I should ask Jenny to come with us?
B: If I were you, I would.

5. A: I'm going to join an extreme sports club.
B: I'd think twice about doing that.

4. You will hear a job interview. Choose whether the statements are True, False or Not stated.

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