8f - Тетрадь Spotlight Ваулина 9 класс (ответы)

1. Underline the correct word. 

1. Lifeguards often risk their lives to rescue swimmers.
2. We lost our way in the dark and had to spend the night in a cave.
3. Would you be annoyed if I asked Sam to go skydiving with me instead of you? There's only room for one more in my car.
4. His inability to express himself clearly makes him unsuitable for this position.
5. Look! That fox must be injured, because it's limping.
6. Sign up for a course on first and gain the ability to help out in emergencies!

2. Complete the sentences with words formed from the words in capitals.

1. There was an announcement informing passengers that the fight to Madrid would be cancelled.
2. The best way to overcome your nervousness is to take a deep breath any try to think posiitvely.
3. Alex finds is quite embarrassing when his mother calls him "sweetie" in front of his friends.
4. The old church suffered so much damage in the earthquake that they will have to rebuild it rather than try to repair it.
5. My class is going on an outing to the Natural History Museum next week.
6. It is quite a popular belief that travel broadens the mind.
7. John was amazed to find out that his old primary school teacher was now a famous concert pianist.

3. Match the phrasal verbs to their definitions and then use them in their correct form to complete the sentences.

4. Underline the correct preposition. 

1. One of the many difficulties of her job is having to deal with many people at the same time.
2. Keep your mind on getting better, and don't worry about anything else.
3. Despite his fear of spiders, Tom managed to pick the animal up and put it in the garden.
4. They forgot to take a map which resulted in them losing their way.
5. Thaere's no need to feel sorry for lan; he's a brave man, who manages to overcome any challenge.

5. Fill in: remain, prevent, properly, avoid, suitably, survive.

1. You need to have that tooth looked at, Ben. You can't avoid going to the dentist forever!
2. The vet didn't think the dog would survive its serious injuries, but luckly, it made a full recovery.
3. Jasson had to remain in hospital for three weeks.
4. Put some ointment on that scratch to prevent it from getting infected.
5. I don't think you're suitably dressed for a hiking trip.
6. You should state eating properly and cut down on junk food.

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