Section 1 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова Бабушис 9 класс (ответы)

1. Listen to the dialogue in Ex.2, p.103 in Student's Book. Fill in the table "Who said what?". Tick the correct box.

2. Read the words and write them in two columns.

3. Complete the sentences:

1. People shout at each other when they are angry or when they don't understand each other.
2. People cry when they are upset because of something.
3.  I trust people who are honest and sincere in every situation and with all people.
4. A person can be relied on if you know him well and you know how he would behave in different situations and if you are sure that he will nevet betray you.
5. I respect people who are self-confident and independent and at the same time and kind and esay-going.

4. a) Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions when necessary. Then underline the statements you don't agree with.

b) Explain why you disagree with the statements you've underlined.

5. Read the conversation between Carrie and her mother again.

a) Mark the srntences as T/F (true/false).

b) Choose one of the false statements and prove that it was false.

I think that the statement number 4 is false because Carrie didn't want to hurt my mom, she just wanted to make his own way.

6. Complete the sentences with the following linking words.

7. Complete the sentences. Use the table in Ex.16, p.107 in Student's Book as a model.

8. Rewrite the sentences using reported speech.

9. Read the reasons which can cause conflicts. Complete the sentences using the reasons that fit your situation.

1. It makes me furious when (Меня бесит, когда)
2. It makes me angry when (Меня злит, когда)
3. It makes me feel doen when (Я чувствую себя подавленным, когда)

10. Make up seven words from the word pieces below.

11. Read Tim's letter to a youth magazine. Fill in the gaps with the options below the text.

12. Create sentences by matching the phrases in the left column with the phrases in the right.

13. Fill in the gaps in the text. Use the words in the box.

14. Ask any three students to say what they've learnt from the talk show. Write down their responses in direct and reported speech.

15. Complete the sentences with the following phrases.

1. It's necessary
2. It's not easy
3. It's impossible
4. It's irritating
5. It's boring

16. a) Write the sentences in two columns according to the meaning of the word "means"?

b) Translate these sentences into Enflish. Use the word "right" in each of them. Mind the meaning of the word in each case.

17. Read the limerick and describe what really happened. Use the past simple and the past continious.

18. Choose the answer, which is closer to your feelings, and comment on your choice. Write your own answer if none of them fits.

19. Choose between the two essay starters ans write an essay entitled: "To lie or not to lie?" Tick the starter you've chosen. Then complete the essay with arguments or situations that support your point of view.

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