Section 1 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова Бабушис 9 класс (ответы)

1. Match the phrases to explain who does what.

2. Fill in the gaps with must, may, can or can't.

3. Match the words.



4. Look at this picture. Jane is an air traffic control specialist. You've interviewed her about her job and now you are going to write a short article. Use the picture and Jane's replies.

5. Make up your own sentences with the following phrases.

You always have to keep an open mind
Now on the market a flexible course of the ruble
Тo get promotion you must work well
А student loan only issued up to 20 years

6. Read the adverts in Ex.14, p.158 in Student's Book. Complete the sentences.

7. Go round the classroom and ask different students about the most and least interesting jobs for them. What job would they enjoy? What wouldn't they like?

8. Rephrase the underlined sentences using the modal verbs must, may, can or can't.

9. Find the equivalents of the following words and phrases in the texts in Ex.21, p.161 in Student's Book.

Text 1.

Text 2.

10. Complete the CV as if you were looking fow a summer/ Saturday/ part-time job. Use the Transliteration Table. Compare your CV with your classmates'.

11. Complete the crossword puzzle.

1. a written request for a job or for studying at a vocational school, college or university.
2. a conversation when a person is asked questions by someone official to decide if he/she is suitable for the job or for a place at a college.
3. a kind of school or course that prepeares a person for a job.
4. a possibility to do something; a chance.
5. paid work; the state of having a job.
6. knowledge or skill which comes from practice.

1. a period of time when a person works for little money and learns skills at the same time.

12. Read the limerick and say whether it is easy or difficult for young people to choose their future career. Tell about your plans.

13. Write an essay about what other language(s) besides the English language you are learning or would like to learn. Explain why.

We all know that the ability to speak a foreign language is very important in the modern world. I study English since 8 years and believe that this will help me achieve great things in life and career.

Though English is the most popular language, but there are many other useful languages. For example, I study German.

I'm sure the knowledge of several languages will help me in the future.

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