Section 2 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова Бабушис 9 класс (ответы)

1. Complete the table.

2. Rewrite the sentences according to the example.

3. Fill in the gaps with the phrases below. Some of them can be used more than once.

4. Answer the question below. Use the phrases in the box to help you.

5. Imagine that you are arrangine a TV talk show. Read the problems and write them down according to their importance for a teenager. Add some more problems you would like to discuss.

Нow to make people evolved.
Нow to make so that we will have mastered space.

6. Read what Jack told the people arround him. Complete the sentences to explain why people felt like that. Use reported speech.

7. People may have different interests, but it is not necessarilly a reason for conflict. Write several sentences to support this idea. Use the pattern below. Start your sentence with though.

Though I love horror movies, and my friends love Comedy, this is not a cause of conflict.
Though I like snowboard, my friend skis it's not cause conflicts.

8. While in New York Jane was a witness to a bank robbery. She was the only person who saw the criminal and actually had a conversation with him. The police officer asked her to remember their conversation as it could help them to find the criminal.
Read the criminal's questions and complete Jane's answers using reported speech.

9. Fill in the words from the box. Act out the conversation.

10. Read the two letters and fill in the gaps with the best options below the text.

11. Some people feel stressed because smoking is allowed in public places; other people feel unhappy because smoking is banned. Study the arguments of smokers and non-smokers. Support either idea with the appropriate arguments.

12. Write an essay on the smoker/non-smoker conflict. Follow the structure of the essay. Use the linking words from the box.

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