Section 2 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова Бабушис 9 класс (ответы)

1. Do the geographical crossword puzzle. Tick the geographical names which should be used with the.

1. a sed between Europe and North Africa.

1. the greatest river of North America.
2. the capital of Scotland.
3. a country in northern Europe; the capital is Copenhagen.
4. ... Ocean - the ocean extending from the east coast of Africa to Australia.
5. a river of southern England that flows through London.
6. a continent extending from Asia to the Atlantic Ocean.
7. the xapital of Italy.
8. a country extending from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean.
9. a continent between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.
10. a state of the western USA; rockets are launched into space from the desert in this state.
11. a country which is part of Great Britain.
12. a continent where kangaroos live.
13. a country in Europe, also called Holland, the capital is Amsterdam.

2. Translate the following sentences into English.

1. Он посмотрел в зеркало и не узнал себя - мальчик в нарядном костюме, с современной стрижкой смотрел на него.
2. Дженни пришла домой раньше обычного. Она прибрала квартиру, затем приготовила обед для себя и своего брата.
3. Когда мы были за городом, отец учил меня водить машину. Я вел машину сам!
4. Почему ты все время просишь помощи? Ты достаточно взрослый, чтобы позаботиться о себе.
5. Угощайся пирогом. Я сделал его сам.

3. Complete the table. Share the results with your partner. Do you have something in common?

4. Complete the dialogues using modals must, mustn't, needn't, should, shouldn't.

5. Match the words in the columns. Use each of them only once.

6. Read the information about two travelling options. Write which of the following things a person should and shouldn't take with him\her there. Explain why.



7. Fill in the gaps. Use the words from the box in the appropriate forms. Each word can be used only once.

8. Complete the sentences with a preposition from the box. Use one of them wice.

9. Complete the sentences.

10. Imagine that you are flying to Britain. Fill in the landing card and the customs declaration.

11. Read the limerick and tell an anecdote about travelling with pets. You can either speak from experience or invent a story.

12. Write a descriptive essay about Davy, a character from the short story "The Last Inch". Use the information from the original text and add any details or ideas about him. Be imaginative.

13. Complete the text ass seen though the eyes of a digital camera. Describe any photo/postcard of a place you've been to or would like to go to.

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