Section 3 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова Бабушис 9 класс (ответы)

1. Listen to the interviews. Complete the comments in the table.

2. Match the first column with the second column to make complete sentences.

3. Use the linking words to join the parts of the sentences.

4. Circle the correct word. Choose the right form. Circle it.

5. Write a short paragraph about BASE jumping/ skydiving/ windsurfing/ skateboarding or any other extreme sport. Use some the following expression.

6. Choose a sport you like and prepare a role-play.

There should be no fewer than 3 students playing the game. Students 1 play hockey; Students 2 hates hockey but is crazy about swimming; Students 3 wants to do some sport but has not chosen which one yet.

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