Section 3 - Тетрадь Enjoy English Биболетова Бабушис 9 класс (ответы)

1. Make up questions from the words.

2. Match the questions on the left side to the replies on the right side.

3. What would you ask in the following situations? Make up any questions to get the necessary information.

4. a) Look at the picture, read the questions and answer them.

This is a nice world or Who eats who?

b) Look at the picture. The people can't talk to each other because their lines are busy. Write two questions about each of them. Find out who he/she is phoning and who is phoning him/her at this time. Use the present continious.

5. Read through texts A and C in Ex.78, pp.37-38 in Student's Book. Write if you approve of Sally's and Daniel's behaviour or not. Use the starters in the box.

6. Ask questions to the words in bold.

1. My roommate speaks on the phone for hours. She is such a chatterbox!
2. Everybody in our class envies Cathy. Her father often takes her on research expeditions to Australia.
3. We told Jessica that she should be more tactful and polite with people. She ignored our advice.
4. Lily enjoyes watching cartoons when she was little, but her younger sister doesn't care for them at all.
5. Ut normally takes me five minutes to take a shower in the morning.
6. Lisa was in New York last year. She tells everyone about it.

7. Write the tags to the questions.

8. Listen to the people. Write as much information about them as possible in the table.

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