Sections 2. Are they different: the country and the city? - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

6. Заполни пропуски

strong stronger (the) strongest
clean cleaner (the) cleanest
hot hotter (the) hottest
funny funnier (the) funniest
big bigger (the) biggest
small smaller (the) smallest
happy happier (the) happiest
high higher (the) highest
long longer (the) longest

7. Раскрой скобки. Поставь прилагательные в нужной степени сравнения.

I am the smallest in my family. My sister Jane is older than me. She is taller than my mum.

Jane is the best pupil in her class.  But I think that I’m the smartest too. Sometimes I get better marks than Jane gets.

8. Прочитай рекламу, которую мисс Чэттер дала в газете. В какое время года тебе хотелось бы отдохнуть на её ферме? Как ты проводил бы там время? Напиши.

Welcome to Chatterplace!

Chatterplace is a large farm. There is an old house and a big garden with flowers on the farm.
The house is clean and nice.
Come to my place!
You can ride a strong brave horse.
You can walk in the garden.
You can swim in a wide river.
You can read funny fairy tales.
You can play with little rabbits.
You can have a cup of warm milk in the evening.
Chatterplace is what you want.
You’ll have a good time here.

I would like to visit Chatterplace in summer and autumn.

I’ll  ride a strong brave horse.

I’ll walk in the garden.

I’ll swim in a wide river.

I’ll read funny fairy tales.

I’ll play with little rabbits.

I’ll have a cup of warm milk in the evening.

I’ll have a good time here.

9. Выпиши из рекламы мисс Чэттер прилагательные. Напиши их в трёх степенях сравнения.

old – older – (the) oldest

big – bigger – (the) biggest

clean – cleaner – (the) cleanest

nice – nicer – (the) nicest

strong – stronger – (the) strongest

brave – braver – (the) bravest

wide – wider – (the) widest

funny – funnier – (the) funniest

little – less – (the) least

warm – warmer – (the) warmest

good – better – (the) best

10. Заполни пропуски.

good better (the) best
bad worse (the) worst
many/much more (the) most
little less (the) least

11. Напиши мисс Чэттер письмо. Сообщи, когда собираешься приехать, и расспроси её о ферме; о комнате, в которой тебя поселят; о предстоящем отдыхе. Задай не менее пяти вопросов.

Dear Miss Chatter,

My name is Boris. I’m eleven. I’m from Russia. My family and I live in a town in a small house. I haven’t got a room of my own. I share it with my little brother Oleg. I don’t go to school on Saturdays and Sundays.

I would like to visit Catterplace next weekend. You have got a strong and brave horse and little rabbits. I would like to ride a horse and play with rabbits. Can I feed them?

There is a garden and a wide river on your farm.  Are there any fish in your river? Are there many flowers and old trees in your garden? 

Can I have a cup of warm milk in the morning?

Chatterplace is a large farm with an old house. Will I have a room of my own or will I share it with my friends? Will be there chairs or armchairs in my room? Will be there a sofa or a bed in my room? Will be there a carpet on the floor? I would like to sit on the carpet and read funny Tiny’s fairy tales. Will I have a TV and a computer in my room? When will we go to bed? 

I would like to walk in the garden, play hide-and-seek and have a picnic with my new friends. I would like to swim in the river. But I can’t swim well.

I think I’ll have a good time on your farm.

Best wishes,

Boris Serov

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