Sections 2. Speaking about the future - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

9. Составьте предложения из слов

I wille ride a bike next summer.

We will swim in the river next summer.

She will play badminton next summer .

He will dive in the river next summer.

You will play hockey next winter.

They will make a snowman next winter.

10. Посмотри на таблицу и напиши, какая погода будет в следующем году в сказочном лесу.

In February it will be windy and cold.

In April it will be rainy and warm.

In May it will be sunny but cloudy.

In July it will be sunny and hot.

In September it will be rainy but warm.

In November it will be windy.

11. Выбери и обведи глагол в нужной форме

1) My friens play table tennis on Wednes-days.

2) Miss Chatter will post this postcard tomorrow.

3) I think it will be sunny and warm tomorrow.

4) Look at the calendar! Today is the twenty first of September.

5) They will swim next month.

12. Прочитай письмо Джека. Помоги ему сделать письмо короче. Переделай предложения по образцу.

Example: I am a dog - I`m a dog

1) I am a dog - I`m a dog

2) I am kind - I`m kind

3) I do not live in London - I don`t live in London

4) I have not got many friens - I haven`t got many friends

5) I have got two friends - I`ve got two friends

6) They are a donkey and a cat - They`re a donkey and a cat

7) They donkey does not like winter - They donkey doesn`t like winter

8) He cannot play snowballs - He can`t play snowballs

9) It will be sunny - It`ll be sunny

10) It will not be rainy - It won`t be rainy

11) I will be happy to see you - I`ll be happy to see you