Sections 3. People and animals in the country and in the city - Биболетова, Денисенко, Трубанева 4 класс (ответы)

12. Зачеркни лишнее слово в каждой строке.

1) a hen, a fox, a sheep, a cow, a horse

2) a cockerel, a hen, a cow, a duck

3)a camel, an elephant, an eagle, a monkey

a whale, a fish, a crocodile, a dolphin

13. Напиши, кому отправлены эти открытки.

1) Name The Crocodile

River Nile Street


2) Name The Eagle

Mountain Street


3) Name The Whale

Rainy Road

The Pacific Ocean

4) Name The Snake

Sunny Road

The Cara-Cum Desert

5) Name The Camel

Hot Street

The Sahara Desert

6) Name The Dolphin

Wide Road

The Black Sea

14. Раскрой скобки. Поставь прилагательные  в сравнительной или превосходной степени.

1) The desert is (big) than the field. - The desert is bigger than the field.

2) The road is (long) than the street. - The road is longer than the street.

3) The farm is (clean) than the city. - The farm is cleaner than the city.

4) I like mountains (much) than fields. - I like mountains more than fields.

5) The ocean is (large) than the sea. - The ocean is larger than the sea.

6) The book is (interesting) than the film. - The book is more interesting than the film.

15. Заполни таблицу.

Animal, birdWhere does it live?What does it eat?What can it do?What does it do for; people?
a monkey

in the zoo, in Africa

bananas, fruit run, jump, climb the trees help people
a camel in the zoo, in the desert grass and apples run carry things
a cow on the farm grass run, jump give milk
an eagle in the mountains mice, small birds and animals fly high in the sky help people
a whale in the seas and oceans fish swim and dive give meat
a crocodile in the river fish swim and dive give
a sheep on the farm grass run, jump give wool, meat

16. Напиши, какое животное ты хотел бы иметь дома и какое не хотел бы. Почему?

Example: I would like to have a dog because it’s a true friend. I wouldn’t like to have an elephant because it’s too big.

1) I would like to have a parrot because it can sing and speak.

I wouldn’t like to have a camel because it’s too big and lives in the desert.

2) I would like to have a cow because it gives milk and meat.

I wouldn’t like to have a whale because it’s too big and lives in the ocean.

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